Magnolia Bakery’s peanut butter pudding is back for National Banana Pudding Day

Magnolia Bakery’s peanut butter banana pudding is back.

The flavor that made a limited-time debut for one week last August — when it generated 25 percent of online and in-store banana pudding sales, according to bakery spokeswoman Sara Gramling — returns to Magnolia shops this Friday through Sunday.

Peanut butter banana pudding is vanilla pudding blended with peanut butter, layered with Nutter Butter wafers and bananas and garnished with crushed peanuts.

It’s one of three flavors Magnolia’s six city outposts will hand out as complimentary medium-sized servings to the first 50 customers who make purchases of $3.75 or more on Friday, National Banana Pudding Day. Pudding aficionados can also choose the S’mores or original flavors.

For those who can’t make it to a brick-and-mortar store this weekend, the baked good purveyor has recently added two new package options for nationwide shipping via its website: a pack of six large peanut butter banana pudding cups, and a pack with three large cups of original banana pudding and three of the nutty variation, both $48.

Magnolia began shipping its puddings in May, after devising a way to deliver 16-ounce cups without freezing them and blackening the banana pieces.