New Yorkers Instagram more empanadas, soup dumplings and bacon than anyone else

A new study shows that New Yorkers are major foodstagrammers.

Photo World, a European photo-printing company, has analyzed Instagram date to see which foods are most popular in major metropolises around the globe.

Unsurprisingly, New York ranks highly for almost all dishes featured on the official Instagram Food Capitals map.

New Yorkers are bringing home the bacon with 8% of all bacon hashtags, followed by London, LA, Sydney and Melbourne.

New Yorkers also Instagram the most empanadas with 13% of all #empanada photos, the most bacon, the most sushi, the most jerk chicken — Kingston, Jamaica ranks third for this one! — and the most soup dumplings with 9.2% of all #XiaoLongBao photos.

As for other popular New York foods, New Yorkers are the second biggest Instagrammers of Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, second to Los Angeles for burrito Instagrams and rank second to London for pulled pork.

New York didn’t make the list for Curry Wurst, the top five cities for which are all in Germany.

Perhaps Instagram needs a bettter #CurryWurst filter.