Have you seen the giant hot dog roaming the NYC streets?

You may wish you were an Oscar Meyer wiener, or you may just wish to take a selfie with one.

Lucky for you, the processed meat brand is celebrating National Hot Dog Day in New York City style — with a Wiener Rover wandering through city traffic on Thursday, July 23!

Those who have spotted the #WienerRover in hotspots like Times Square and other crowded midtown areas were the promotion is most effective (read: tourists), have been posting selfies with the larger-than-life hot dog.

“If you’re nearby, snap a selfie, tag it with #WienerRover & we’ll try to get you a hot dog,” @OscarMayer tweeted Thursday afternoon.

When we spotted the Wiener Rover, Wisconsin license plate and all, on Ninth Avenue this afternoon there were no hot dogs or buns in sight.

But here’s to hoping for some free food!