Inside Ralph Lauren’s stylish new Polo Bar

Ralph Lauren’s latest New York venture isn’t a retail outlet, but a restaurant.

The Polo Bar has already been a big hit in Chicago and Paris, and earlier this month it celebrated its New York opening with plenty of socialites in tow.

The fashion elite, A-listers and celebrities continue to come night after night for the ultimate New York dining experience that’s like the best country club you’ve ever been in mixed with the old-guard elite of L.A.’s Chasen’s.

It’s hard to tell who works there and who is dining. The entire staff looks like an ad for a Ralph Lauren campaign. The hostesses are chic in Parisian, ladylike black dresses with white Peter Pan collars that were featured on the Ralph Lauren runway and tartan silk Georgette dresses (available on sale for $149 at lordandtaylor.com), while the doormen sport incredible tan overcoats.

If you are just there for a quick midtown drink or can get a reservation for dinner, dress the part. I wore a vintage blue and white polka dot RRL dress to dinner recently and still felt overshadowed by the stylish staff.

The bar itself looks great, too. The fittings and lighting are incredible, down to the lamps that flank the banquets. And definitely look up at the monster brass lighting that illuminates the room as if it’s the most luxurious photo shoot. Everyone looks good in that room.

Beyond the ambiance, the food is a big draw, too. Order the fries, the steak and the BLT salad. I also tried the pecan pie, which was a gastronomic tour de force.

It’s chic and fun, with great food and even better people watching.