Popular confectionery Angelina Bakery opens second location in Central Park South


One of Midtown’s most popular bakeries just popped a second bun out of the oven — this one off Central Park South on Sixth Avenue. 

As opposed to its Hell’s Kitchen flagship, this Angelina Bakery is a much more ‘what you see is what you get,’ express approach to the baked goods.

Though, what you get is a lot.

This immense selection of pastries caught the attention of a top ranked pastry chef, Peter Yuen, who is an advisor to Angelina.

Known more commonly as “The Croissant Guy,” Yuen explained what trends were incoming with pastries and flaky treats. 

He said that criss-crossing pattern designs on croissants was becoming popular, particularly in New York City.

“We’re working on some new design concepts, what we have out is wonderful,” Yuen said, noting the elaborate baking work of Angelina’s head chef and owner Tony Park before leaving for the Bakery World Cup in Paris, France.

As for current designs, Angelina’s has plenty of toasty ones.

That little troublemaker on the right is a Nutella croissant and it’s loaded to the brim with a hazelnut goodness and buttery, flaky flavor that is challenging to match.

It’s particularly light for a pastry, making that decadent inside even more flavorful with a minimized mess between the powdered sugar and Nutella filling; essentially it’s the perfect sized treat before a stroll through Central Park or back up to the office.

Those croissants also pair well with more savory sandwiches. 

Of course, if you seek a full on dessert, Angelina has you covered as well.

From full on cakes to more personal sized ones, massively scaled chocolate chip cookies, and cheesecakes — there’s something for everyone at this bakery.

Angelina Bakery’s newest location is at 1427 Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue), adjacent to 58th Street, its teal and gold exterior, complimented by a lineup of delicious goodies is simply a can’t miss.

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