Report finds breaks down which international cuisine New Yorkers are searching for online

Searching internet pizza
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New Yorkers face only one rival in their love of Italian food — their neighbors across the river in New Jersey.

Recipe blog Chef’s Pencil used Google search data to track Americans’ interests in international cuisine based on their search history, which offered information about the recipes Americans search for as well as the restaurants they visit.

Italian food was the most popular cuisine in New Jersey, with New York coming in second, according to the data. New Jerseyans had a popularity score of 100, while New York was close behind with 97.

The popularity score does not indicate that more people searched for Italian food in New Jersey than in New York, for example, only that a greater percentage of New Jerseyans searched for Italian food than New Yorkers.

By city, New York still beat out New Jersey in their Italian food obsession, with Yonkers, New York, having the largest reported percentage of residents searching for Italian cuisine in the U.S., followed closely by New York City.

New Yorkers ranked third in their interest in Chinese food — America’s most popular international cuisine, according to the study — falling behind Delaware in second and New Jersey in first.

New York City was the city with the third most interest in Chinese cuisine, falling behind Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in second and Newark, New Jersey, in first. Overall, interest in Chinese food beat out Italian food in New York, with the study reporting a popularity score of 72 for Chinese compared to 36 for Italian.

The least popular food in New York was Japanese, with a popularity score of nine.

Read the full report at chefspencil.com.