Shake Shack’s playbook for homemade Super Bowl scores


When it comes to Super Bowl Sunday, eating isn’t everything — it’s the only thing.

Since the nearest contending team is a good six states away, it’s safe to say that New York will be more serious about serving super snacks on game day. 

As far as going the whole nine yards goes with Super Bowl bites this season, Shake Shack’s culinary director, Mark Rosati has a few recommendations on how the hosting hands can score big.

Starting off a bit healthy with a crudités platter. 

A pregame fixture like this is a smart move, Rosati says, noting that they pair well with plenty of other game day greats that will be served throughout the evening. 

Now let’s get into the real, nitty gritty action…better known as wings.

Wings, boned or boneless are a game day essential and there’s many ways to go about it; though a universally good play call always is starting on them at least a day prior.

Tossing them in sauce is always an option, but the ‘dry and dip’ method is usually the most forgiving to furniture and floors.

Up next is a pigskin classic by the name of pigs in a blanket…with a twist.

Prior to full on cooking, Rosati advises a little pan searing for the dog.

Of course, there’s an extra point for how the plate is served.

There’s no fumbling around with a finished product like this.

Meanwhile if you aren’t up for the challenge of cooking, Rosati and Shake Shack still have you covered with an order-online exclusive deal.

So now it’s time to get on your game face, take the kitchen, and start preparing for the meal of your life.