Sorate Teahouse brings authentic and unique matcha experience to SoHo

Sorate Teahouse is open for business in SoHo.
Photo: Rocio Segura

A new Japanese teahouse has opened its doors for business in SoHo.

Sorate is an intimate space inspired by traditional Wabi-Cha ceremonies, which emphasize simplicity and contemplation. Led by Italian entrepreneur Silvia Mella in collaboration with Tea Master Keiko Kitazawa, the space offers ceremonial grade matcha, hand-crafted to order, alongside a variety of high-grade green teas including Sencha, Gyokuro, Hojicha, and Genmaicha.

Each tea starts at $5 per cup and customers can completely customize their tea experience. Tea enthusiasts can get experimental and opt for matcha with milk, served hot or iced, or they can go for the more traditional route with the tea made with warm water. There are also caffeine-free options available, including Shiso leaf tea and Kombucha.

Sorate TeahousePhoto: Rocio Segura

In addition to the drink menu, Sorate has a lineup of light wagashi, or traditional tea ceremony sweets. For the tea enthusiast who might want to try their hand at making matcha at home, Sorate also has an on-site retail outlet with premium matcha and green tea packages, which are ethically sourced by the family-owned farm of sencha tea creator Nagatani Soenon in Uji, Kyoto. The store will also sell vintage ceramic and brewing accessories, all of which are available on Sorate’s online store as well.

Sorate is located at 103 Sullivan St. and is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, visit sorate.co.