Surge is back! But already sold out (twice)

’90s nostalgia is real. So real, in fact, that Coca-Cola is bringing back to the market a relic of the era.

It’s the Mountain Dew-like soda called Surge. You remember the ectoplasm-slime green colored can don’t you? Well, now you can get it – but only on Amazon.com. And only if you act fast! The soda was stocked and then depleted twice in the past two days, according to the Surge Movement Facebook page.

The soda was brought back thanks to a massive online lobbying campaign on behalf of Surge fans, of which there are many.

Just how much Surge is being produced is unclear. Scott Williamson, a Coke spokesman, declined to say how much was produced, Bloomberg reported.

So if you love nostalgia and you love Surge, keep refreshing checking Amazon.