Sushi Burritos are coming to NYC, thanks to Uma Temakeria

Update: Uma Temakeria is now offering three unique sushi burritos. They are:

O-maki: Fresh Crab, Salmon, Green Apple, Pickled Rhubarb, Cucumber, Wasabi Ginger and Tempura Crunch w/ Seasoned Rice, Wrapped in Nori ($12)

Classic Uma-ritto: Fresh Salmon, Tuna, Carrot, Cucumber, Tobanjan Mayo and Tempura Crunch w/ Seasoned Rice, Wrapped in Nori ($10)

Summer-itto: Seaweed Salad, Pickled Rhubarb, Carrot, Cucumber, Zesty Citrus and Wasabi Pea w/ Seasoned Rice, Wrapped in Nori ($10)


You can even build your own!


New York City burritos are on a roll!

Chef Chris Jaeckle of the popularly-Instagrammed Uma Temakeria, is making New Yorkers’ dreams come true with a sushi burrito!

Uma Temakeria, already known for its cone-like sushi hand rolls sat rolling sushi burritos this week!

The classic Sushi Burrito will be made with fresh salmon, tuna, spicy tobanjan mayo, julienned carrots, cucumbers and seasoned sushi rice, with a sprinkle of sesame
seeds and tempura crunchies on top, all wrapped in a sheet of crisp nori.

While guac is not extra (nor an option), you can customize your sushi burrito with avocado lime sauce as well as ingredients like Blue Swimmer crab, marinated tofu, red pepper, daikon, green apple and many more.

Uma Temakeria will also roll out new flavors of sushi burritos this summer.

California’s Sushirrito has no formalized plans to open in NYC, but we’re glad we’ll finally get to enjoy a sushi-burrito creation!

NYC’s only sushi burrito will be available at Uma Temakeria’s Chelsea restaurant and at their Penn Plates pop-up starting Thursday.

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