The Palm Court at the Plaza is reborn

Upon entering The Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel, a sense of prestige and tranquility overcomes you. It must be the Tiffany ceiling. Or the moss green banquettes. Or the inviting bar in the middle of the room.

Celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian has re-launched the legendary restaurant for a new generation. While afternoon tea, complete with delicate dessert bites and cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off may not seem modern, the phone charges under the banquettes for guests is very much today’s necessity.

“I was around for some of the glory days here, and I want the next generation to have their glory days,” said Zakarian.

And there is no glory to be had — anywhere — if your phone is dead. Pics or it didn’t happen!

Zakarian says the Palm Court is for everyone, from hotel guests to shopping tourists to locals. The bar will especially draw the neighborhood crowd, he said.

The afternoon tea menu includes a wide range of teas, cocktails and sandwich, scone and dessert trays starting at $55 per person. The breakfast menu features a wide range of items, from Irish oatmeal porridge ($17) to steak and eggs ($36).

The Palm Court opens Thursday, Oct. 23 for breakfast and afternoon tea and next month for light fare, bar bites and evening cocktails.