Walter’s Coffee Roastery, ‘Breaking Bad’ coffee shop, opening in Brooklyn

Walter White may just be your next Williamsburg barista.

Walter’s Coffee Roastery, the “Breaking Bad” inspired cafe (but without the meth lab), may be coming to Brooklyn! This will be the second location for the cafe, which also has a home in Istanbul, Turkey.

The drug-free coffee shop is inspired by the chemistry themes in “Breaking Bad,” scientifically breaking down coffee from “extraction and brew temperatures to espresso machine pressure and grinder configuration” to create the chemically perfect cup, according to Walter’s Coffee.

The cult favorite coffee shop announced the big Brooklyn news via Instagram in December, and Grubstreet confirmed on Thursday that Walter’s Coffee is s tolated open in Williamsburg at N. 8th Street and Wythe Avenue (if all the papework goes through) by the end of summer 2016. 

That’s plenty of time to binge watch all six seasons before taking your first sip of chemically perfect coffee. 

In fact, you can just Netflix and chill inside Walter’s Coffee, which is slated to have WiFi, comfortable seating, outlets and plenty of room to relax, 28-year-old owner Deniz Kosan told Grubstreet. 

“No one in 2016 is working in offices anymore. We want people to feel comfortable sitting and working as long as they want,” he said in the exclusive interview. 

“Breaking Bad” and coffee fans alike can quit their day jobs — if not to become a barista at what is sure to be a tourist sensation (Williamsburg! TV!) — and prepare to lounge at the not-meth-lab coffee shop come summer.