Weekday brunch in NYC: Brunch Boys’ Jeremy Jacobowitz shares his top picks

With an Instagram handle like Brunch Boys, you know Jeremy Jacobowitz has to be a bit of an expert on everyone’s favorite weekend meal.

It wasn’t actually the Williamsburg resident’s intent to limit his scope to brunch when he launched an account documenting his eating adventures four years ago, he says, but Brunch Boys is definitely brunch-focused. “It’s just like sort of the way I order anyway, no matter when I go to a restaurant, I want eggs and avocado.”

That’s why we turned to the solo-operating Instagram influencer (as you’ve probably surmised already, there is no second “boy”) for recommendations on where to get the best weekday brunches.

“Brunch on a weekday?” you may very well ask. It’s a treat on those rare weeks you have a Monday or Friday all to yourself. “When my friends have off, they’ll text me: ‘I have a day off, where should I brunch?’ ” says Jacobowitz, 31, whose Instagram posts are viewed by 451,000 followers. “I figure it’s like a special occasion thing — especially when you’re going to drink during a weekday, you have an excuse that it’s brunch, it’s fine.”

Below are his picks for weekday egg-centric meals, one for each day of the week: