Do your little kicks in style with a new Elaine Benes sweatsuit!

If only the Elaine-esque mannequin was modeling for you…

You may not have walked by any Elaine-esque mannequins lately, but there’s a new slew of Benes lookalikes roaming the city.

Clashist, known for its pop culture leisurewear featuring the likes of the fictional Samantha Jones in all her powersuits and Ron Swanson surrounded by breakfast foods has debuted a new New York centric design.

Elaine Benes, as portrayed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, doing her signature and perhaps the original awkward dance move from iconic “Seinfeld” episode “The Little Kicks” (Season 8, Episode 4) is now commemorated in Polyester.

Both a pull-over crew neck sweatshirt and leggings with elastic straps feature a caricature of Elaine dancing her heart out.

To help you dance it out in the coordinating sweatsuit, Clashist has done us all a favor by demonstrating the Little Kicks moves step-by-step. Follow Figs. 1-8 for your perfect little kicks!


Both pieces, made in the USA, are available to purchase on Clashist.com in women’s sizes XS-XL.

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