Greek islands in the off-season: Discover a serene side to Mykonos

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Photo Credit: Nina Ruggiero

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Photo Credit: Nina Ruggiero

Upon stumbling down a hill towards the beach, we encountered owner Vasillis Stichios, a friendly man in a Hawaiian shirt, grinning at us from his rustic, open-air dining room overlooking the water. “You have found the right place,” he said. Kiki’s was open, and, thanks to the weather, we were about to be very special (read: the only) guests.

After helping us to a heaping serving of the daily selection of freshly made salads– among them lentils with feta and sundried tomatoes, lemon-parmesan artichokes and zesty fava beans– a giant outdoor grill was fired up and we were served the largest, juiciest, most perfectly-marinated pork chop we had ever sunken our teeth into.

Then came decadent chocolate cake, hot tea and house wine, all of which they stubbornly refused to take our money for, as if the rain had been their fault. After an impromptu Greek lesson and a meet-and-greet with Lola, Kiki’s resident canine, we headed off into the gloomy day with full stomachs and a warm feeling about the people of Mykonos; seeing our thin sweaters, the staff at Kiki’s actually tried to give us their own jackets for the road.

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Photo Credit: Nina Ruggiero

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