Allergies: 5 natural ways to fight them

After the seemingly never-ending winter, New Yorkers have welcomed spring with open arms, save for one thing — allergies.

Thanks to the longer-than-usual freezing temperatures, trees are blooming later than usual, too, creating a perfect storm of overlapping tree pollen, grass pollen and mold seasons.

If you’re looking for relief, Manhattan health journalist and chef Candice Kumai, author of “Clean Green Drinks,” and a sufferer of mold allergies herself, suggests these five unconventional strategies to have in your arsenal that go beyond pills or shots.

“I’ve taken the organic route to fighting allergies,” said Kumai. “I think if you follow these rules and eat well, you will be able to self-heal a bit and they won’t be as severe.

“Of course, everyone’s different, and you have to consult with a doctor for certain things,” added Kumai. “But take a chance and try to fight an ailment through a natural source.”

Think of this as your spring allergy survival guide.

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