Coronavirus count: Thousands sick in the “hot zone” of New York City

Photo via Flickr/governorandrewcuomo

In a matter of days, New York State has become the country’s epicenter for coronavirus.

As of Tuesday evening, there are over 17,000 cases of coronavirus diagnosed in New York City, according to City Hall

The number of New Yorkers who died to due coronavirus-related complications rose from 131 to 199. At least 2,850 people are hospitalized, with 660 of those patients in Intensive Care Units. 

According to Governor Cuomo, New York State as a whole has 25,662 cases in total, as of March 24. In a press conference at the Javits Center, which is being converted into a temporary hospital facility, Cuomo said that with the infection rate doubling every few days, the state is in need of 30,000 ventilators, which are a “critical and desperate need.” FEMA has sent over 400 ventilators, the number of which were scoffed at by Cuomo, which Mayor de Blasio inspected in Brooklyn on Tuesday afternoon.

As a result of the ongoing spread of coronavirus, Con Edison is halting all meter readings and smart meter installations in an effort to protect their employees and customers. The MTA announced on Tuesday that they would be reducing the train and bus services as a result of the decreased ridership that came from the coronavirus spread.

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