Dazed and Confused: CBD vs. THC

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CBD relief for every occasion by Wisdom Essentials.
Photo courtesy of Wisdom Essentials

CBD—usually “gummies”—have been on the rise as a popular relaxant and anti-anxiety aid. That being said, many consumers are “fuzzy” on the legality of CBD, where to buy it and who to trust, given that THC, or marijuana, is currently only legal in New York for medicinal purposes, while possession of small amounts has been decriminalized and legalization for recreational purposes is being considered. So, amNewYork Metro went in search of the facts.

CBD has been legal in all 50 states since the passage of the USDA Farm Bill of December 2018. This particular Farm Bill—these Bills occur roughly every 5 years to determine the agricultural policies of the U.S.—was unusual, as it included discussion of the cannabis plant.

In legal terms, hemp is legislatively considered as the cannabis plant. Tom Lamb, co-founder of Wisdom Essentials, a site that sells CBD-infused gummies, tinctures, balms and oils describes the hemp plant as containing “cousin products,” stating “both are cannabinoids, but depending on their manipulation, you can end up with either THC, which produces psychotropic highs, or CBD, that has no psychotropic high in it and that gives our bodies a really good feeling while leaving your head clear.” 

Turning back to the legal side, hemp cannot contain more than 0.3% THC in order not to be considered marijuana, the rules for producers of legitimate CBD products are stringently monitored and commercial producers must be licensed. 

Of the gray-area nature, which is slowly being expelled, Tom states that his customers, “do not want to be high, they want to be in control and feel better naturally, with all the benefits of plant-based medicinals.” In fact, Lamb sees the CBD revolution as an essential part of health and wellness progression across the country.

Whether it’s the invasiveness of Big Pharma on our healthcare system, or an innate human desire for a quick fix, Americans often turn to synthetic, prescription-based options, such as Ambien, to help with conditions such as insomnia. A 2019 study by the CDC found that nearly 9 million Americans use prescription sleep aids, 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders or deprivation and only one-third get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. The rates of insomnia increase with age.

Wisdom Essentials is one of many ecommerce brands out there on a mission to help with this national problem, through CBD infused products. Their most popular product, Dream, comes in tincture form and according to Lamb—and a genuinely impressive amount of online reviews—a few droplets under the tongue roughly 30 minutes before bedtime helps you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake naturally.

Their other top product Calm is an oil aimed at dealing with anxiety and stress—and the gummies are also good for that too.

Plant-based chillin’ with Calm Gum Drops.Photos courtesy of Wisdom Essentials

The last category that CBD has been proven by scientific data to be effective against is topical pain relief for wrists, fingers, legs and the aching backs and shoulders of desk workers. For this, Wisdom Essentials has a topical relief balm, Soothe, with CBD, Arnica and Menthol crystals.

So there you have it! CBD is entirely legal, and with those aged between the years of 40 to 60 most at risk for pain and sleeplessness, it might be a good idea to gift-wrap some for granny. 

As a final piece of advice—be a careful consumer. The “CBD” at your local bodega might not meet regulatory standards no matter how hard of a sell you are given. Lamb recommends you do your research before purchasing products and examine exactly what they contain, as there are some “bad actors” out there. Particular things to look out for on a label are natural ingredients, third-party testing, non-GMO and 0% THC.

So before heading for the pill box, it might be worthwhile to consider CBD for anxiety, relaxation, insomnia and topical pain from the extraordinarily versatile hemp plant. In closing—although mainly used for making ropes and sacks in his day—George Washington was an abundant hemp grower. So, in the words of Lamb, “Hemp is as American as George Washington.”

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