Brooklyn boutiques offer $2.75 discount to ease L train pain

The L train is undergoing track work this spring, the MTA confirms. Photo Credit: Agaton Strom

Put that MetroCard money to better use.

The L train is undergoing track work this spring, the MTA confirms.
The L train is undergoing track work this spring, the MTA confirms. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Hey, Williamsburg. We know your businesses and residents are preparing for the ultimate struggle without any L train service for five weekends, but we have some good news!

For those looking to put their MetroCard money towards something worthwhile (read: not a useless train), a few boutiques in the Williamsburg area will be offering a $2.75 discount on all purchases this upcoming weekend, in honor of the first shutdown, Brokelyn.com reports.

Three shops in particular are taking the high road and steering away from their bitterness towards the MTA’s decision to cut off their lifeline to and from Manhattan. Milly & Earl, SlapBack, and Antoinette, all boutiques that sell jewelry and vintage clothing, will be partaking in this discount.

For those who weren’t aware of these MTA service changes, here’s an update. Weekend service shutdowns along the L line have been announced to start the weekend of April 17 that are likely to impact the businesses that run through neighborhoods along the line, such as Williamsburg and Bushwick.

Residents and shop owners in these prominent Brooklyn cultural spots have also taken a stance against the service changes, and have and started a petition calling on the MTA to cancel and postpone these service shutdowns.

The MTA announced that service will be suspended between the Lorimer Street stop and 8 Ave. for five consecutive weekends between 11:30 p.m. on Fridays and 5 am on Mondays starting April 17, and for nine weeks from midnight to 5 am until May 15.

Since the L train is the only train for tourists and Manhattanites to connect with and support Brooklyn culture, and spring is a crucial time of year for businesses in the area, a huge dip in revenue will occur.

“Each gallery, restaurant and retail shop relies heavily on this weekend traffic,” the petition states. “When the L train closed for a number of weekends several years ago, many businesses in Williamsburg were so sorely impacted they were forced to close. This closure will surely have the same devastating effect.”

The petition’s goal is to get 1,000 signatures before these weekend shutdowns. The petition had 504 signatures as of April 7. The petition also presents the idea of postponing the five consecutive weekend closures to the end of August, when ridership and tourism in the area decreases.

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