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modelFIT: The Bowery fitness studio models flock to

Vanessa Packer is co-founder of modelFIT.

Vanessa Packer is co-founder of modelFIT. Photo Credit: Courtesy Vanessa Packer

Are you looking for some model fitness inspiration?

At modelFIT, the Bowery fitness studio co-founded by Vanessa Packer, creates what it calls a "bespoke" lifestyle program for you: sweat, juices, great playlist, healthy food, repeat. Classes by fitness guru Justin Gelband, aka the "model whisperer," will whip you into Victoria's Secret shape with an assortment of sculpt and yoga classes that have attracted the likes of Karlie Kloss.

Packer isn't new to the nutrition space. The former stylist and Institute of Integrative Nutrition graduate is also behind, a website devoted to healthy food and fitness.

From the Bowery, Packer clues us in to leading a healthful lifestyle.

Q: What's the concept behind modelFIT?

A: To offer a sustainable effective workout that leans out and tones the muscles while protecting the joints, giving you more balance stability and strength in a studio that is all together elegant, modern and chic.


Q: Why did you open on Bowery and not uptown?

A: I've lived in the area of Bowery for about six years, and I always felt there was a void in fitness options. From the moment I walked into the space I felt it was right. I can't describe it I just saw the studio existing and I knew exactly how I wanted to design it: clean, simple, modern, minimalist, zen, '90s Calvin Klein with an homage to the neighborhood, classic SoHo/Bowery loft.


Q: What's on your workout playlist?

A: Lately I love streaming house sets from Burning Man.


Q: What's one tip that we can start today to jump-start weight loss and be more like a Victoria's Secret model?

A: Begin everyday with hot water with lemon to boost alkalinity.


Q: Do you really need an hour a day to maintain fitness?

A: No, you could do a 30-minute focused workout that can be more effective than an hour of half-effort working out. It's all about the effort.


Q: Do you do cardio or yoga?

A: Both! One day cardio followed by a day of yoga. I like to mix it up, and I find that's what yields the best results.


Q: What's your favorite modelFIT class?

A: If I had to choose, Sculpt and Dance Cardio, but I really love them all.


Q: Define what it means to be fit.

A: I think the definition of fit depends on the person, the individual. It's a feeling, it's the mind-body connection, feeling strong, feeling centered and feeling balanced and flexible.


Q: What's your go-to look for working out?

A: All black everything.


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