What is Pizza Rat?

New Yorkers are now obsessed with a rat and a slice of cheese pizza.

New Yorkers are now obsessed with a rat and a slice of cheese pizza.

Ever since a video of a rat dragging a slice of pizza down the steps to the L Train circulated Monday on the Internet, it seems like people can’t stop talking about Pizza Rat.

The Shouts and Murmurs column Monday in the New Yorker was dedicated to Pizza Rat (aka Paul), a 4-month-old East Villager who isn’t a big fan of Artichoke Basille’s. Typical. 

#PizzaRat is trending on Twitter and Facebook and you know people are just leaving slices on the subway steps now hoping to shoot the next viral video. 

The most-searched rat question on Google is currently “How do you get rid of rats?” and the second “How many rats are in New York?” So the third is really crucial.

“What is pizza rat?” is now the third-most searched term in the “rat” category.

If you haven’t seen the 14-second clip, you must live in the L Train tunnel or something, but a quick search reveals that America’s major news outlets have all hopped aboard the Pizza Rat train. 

Congrats, Paul. 

“What is the rat to people ratio in New York?” is number four, which is also pretty important to know, should you practice the five second rule with your next dollar slice. 

Melissa Kravitz