Rats reportedly invade new Conde Nast HQ

Rat fur is in at 'Vogue'
Rat fur is in at ‘Vogue’ Photo Credit: Macy’s

Rat fur is in this season at Vogue.

Well, unintentionally. 

According to a Page Six article, “WTC rats scare Anna Wintour”, Conde Nast’s new offices on the 25th and 26th floors of 1 World Trade Center have some unwanted rodent visitors. 

Perhaps the vermin snuck in through ventilation during contruction or perhaps this is an elaborate hoax– no images or official confirmation of the supposedly pesky visitors have been released, but we’re pretty sure Ms. Wintour’s stilettos won’t go anywhere near a rat. 

“It’s true,” an insider told People. “The girls that work there see the droppings everywhere. It’s nasty.” 

Wintour reportedly won’t enter her office until the fashion bible’s headquarters are confirmed rat-free.   

Louboutins don’t come in rodent appropriate sizes, so the unwanted visitors won’t be raiding the coveted fashion closet, but there is a concern that the rats will nibble through the clothes.