Regina George’s house is for sale in Toronto

Pack up loser, you’re moving.

Pack up loser, you’re moving.

The “really nice” house that impresses Cady Heron in 2004’s ‘Mean Girls’ is on the market for $14.8. Before you balk at the price tag, know that’s Canadian money we’re talking about.

Rachel McAdams’ character’s family home, fictionally located in Chicago’s North Shore suburbs, is actually in Toronto! 

Sotheby’s International says that the 20,000 square foot stone mansion is “masterfully built” and offers a “lifestyle of luxury and privacy.”

Cool moms, put down an offer.

And Regina George isn’t the only royal guest familiar to this property.  A “Scarlett OaHara staircase” and “Juliette balcony” are all included in the 6.5 bedroom, 12 bathroom mansion.

Park your daddy’s car in the 6-car garage, work on your Burn Book in the spacious library or just makeout with a hot dog in the private elevator.

Located on two acres of glorious Canadian property, there’s more than enough space for an elite clique to hang out here.

Melissa Kravitz