‘Time’ calculates the countless hours you’ve wasted on Facebook

Days of your life have become ‘likes’ and posts.

Want months of your life back? Facebook may be to blame.

In honor of the social media site’s 10 year anniversary, ‘Time’ has greated a digital tool to calculate how much time you’ve wasted on Facebook.

The calculator estimates that each user spends the reported average of 17 minutes per day on the site (you can adjust the amount if that sounds too modest, cough cough) and retrieves your user history to see how long your profile has existed and how many posts you’ve made.

While Facebook doesn’t publish user statistics for user’s time spent on the site each day, seeing an overall estimated accumulation of the months, days and hours you’ve devoted to your profile may help you realize how vital the site has become in the past decade.

Melissa Kravitz