Trapeze School New York planning to open at Coney Island on Friday

Coney Island is about to get a whole lot more circus-like with one of the city’s top trapeze and aerial arts schools. 

Trapeze School New York plans to open a new outdoor location at Stillwell Avenue and Wonder Wheel Way on Friday, bringing acrobatic thrills to the “people’s playground.” The school will be offering two-hour classes to beginner students for groups of up to 10 people. Each class has three instructors. 

Perhaps best of all, Coney Island’s crowds will be able to gape from the sidelines. 

“It’s amazing to watch,” said Anne Brown, co-founder and president of the school. “The crowd gets very enthusiastic rooting for these people overcoming their fears of this activity.” 

Classes will be offered seven days a week through the end of September. 

The trapeze school will be across the street from the Smorgasburg food market and the outdoor street art show known as Coney Art Walls. Thor Equities is working with Biederman Redevelopment Ventures to present all three. 

Lizzmonade, a gourmet lemonade stand, will be opening up a location near the trapeze school. 

Trapeze School New York also runs classes at Pier 40 at Hudson River Park