Wedding flowers for every season

Just because you’re planning a modern wedding, doesn’t mean you should turn your nose up at some traditional flower varieties. In fact, some established favorites such as roses and lily of the valley are top of the list for many contemporary couples. The trick is choosing the right hue and presentation.

“We have seen a big increase in soft, neutral tones, such as ivories and whites with hints of blush, arranged loosely and naturally with a vintage and contemporary style,” said Rachel Trimarco, founder and CEO of Bride and Blossom (646-706-7783, brideandblossom.com).

Such simple, neutral florals are sleek enough to stand alone yet retain their classic appeal even when integrated into an arrangement. They are a key ingredient to achieving an overall sophisticated theme.

“The choices we make for our arrangement ‘recipes’ are based on client preferences and centerpiece styles,” said Trimarco, who typically uses only flowers that are in season. “When shipping flowers internationally and out of season, they can be extremely pricey and the quality is a lot of times compromised.”

Still, if someone is heart-set on having a certain flower, it always can be arranged.

“No matter what season a flower may have locally, someone somewhere in the world is growing that variety,” Trimarco said.

To keep within budget, here are a few of her seasonal suggestions: