Wide-leg pants a welcome update for spring

Wide-leg pants are loved for their easy, breezy style, as well as their comfort.

After a long, snowy winter filled with cozy sweaters and too much comfort food, the last thing most women want to do is shimmy into a pair of body-hugging bottoms.

But there’s no need to get a fashion-induced headache. Wide-leg pants are making a major comeback, creating a flattering and on-trend look this season.

“It’s fresh,” said Heidi Hoelzer, vice president and general merchandise manager of Scoop boutiques. “The new silhouette is a welcome update.”

Designers from Michael Kors to Phillip Lim embraced the shape in their spring 2014 collections, with a bevy of retailers following suit.

Wide-leg pants are loved for their easy, breezy style, as well as their comfort, since wide-leg trousers simply slide over the body, unlike skinnier silhouettes.

“These pants are super-light and comfortable,” said Melloney Birkett, Banana Republic’s vice president of women’s design.

They can also be flattering: The key is creating a long, lean line from head to toe and elongating the leg. One way to do so is by fashioning a monochrome outfit; for example, wear all black, white, khaki or even red or a pastel — just mix up the textures and fabrics so you don’t look too matchy-matchy.

Or, if you prefer print pants, choose a pair with a dark base print or a vertical stripe.

Heels are also a must: “If your hem goes to the floor you can hide wedges or platforms and you look that much taller,” Hoelzer said.

Stacey Bendet, designer of alice + olivia, agreed.

“[Wide-leg pants] elongate the leg and are so sexy,” she said.


One of spring’s hottest – and most daring – trends, the crop top, looks oh-so stylish with a pair of wide-leg pants.

Birkett said a short sweater paired with wide-leg pants “defines the waist and will allow you to show off your figure and be right on trend.”

A cropped jacket and a tucked-in top also creates the same effect.

Just be wary of showing too much skin, said Hoelzer, adding that the pants and the crop top should just barely meet.

“Leave a bit of mystery,” she said. “Don’t over-expose.”

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