Man takes fatal jump off Manhattan Bridge, landing on FDR Drive: cops

Man leaps to death off Manhattan Bridge
A man leapt to his death off of the Manhattan Bridge pedestrian walkway on May 14.
Photo by Dean Moses

A man took a fatal plunge Sunday morning off the Manhattan Bridge, landing on the FDR Drive roadway below, police confirmed.

Police sources said they rushed to the Manhattan Bridge at around 10:08 a.m. on May 14 after eyewitnesses reported that they spotted a man climbing atop the bridge’s pedestrian walkway.

Unfortunately, NYPD sources state the man apparently hurled himself from the elevated structure and died when he landed on the southbound roadway of the FDR Drive.

The man was pronounced dead; police have yet to release his identity. No one else was reported injured, and no criminality is suspected, authorities said.

The tragedy is continuing to cause traffic delays while multiple police units remain at the scene. 

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