Seaport Fit expands its fitness program, offering free Winter classes

NY: HIIT the Deck offers weekly free classes
Jazmin Jourdain said the classes at HIIT the Deck were a “blast.”
Photo by Gabriele Holtermann

New Yorkers looking to break a sweat with a fun and free workout class no longer have to wait until Summer to participate in one of Seaport Fits popular workout sessions. 

The Seaport has partnered with HIIT the Deck, a high-intensity boxing-inspired gym at 10 Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan, to kick off the inaugural Seaport Fit Winter programming lineup with free classes on Saturday afternoons. 

Ellie Chamberland, vice president of Marketing at the Seaport, told amNewYork Metro in a phone interview that Seaport Fit started in 2017 and is presented by NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in order to improve the health & well-being of the Seaport community and New Yorkers.

“The idea was to build a program for New Yorkers that allows them to exercise in a beautiful space and stay fit and healthy here at the Seaport,” Chamberland explained.

HIIT the Deck offers weekly free fitness classes. Photo by Gabriele Holtermann

The Seaport has been undergoing an extensive revitilization program in the past decade, and one of its missions is to build a strong and inclusive neighborhood community.

“Fitness is something that we think a lot about or wellness more broadly, and how could we build wellness into some of our programming, which is where Seaport Fit came in,”  Chamberland explained.

Seaport Fit makes good use of the beautiful scenery along the waterfront for its fitness classes during the Summer, where Lyons Den Power Yoga has hosted free outdoor classes on the Northside of Pier 17 on the Heineken Riverdeck with views of Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. The free exercise classes go hand-in-hand with other wellness activities the Seaport offers, like nutrition classes and meditation. 

“It’s a really fun platform. It’s a very comprehensive platform,” Chamberland said. “We’re excited to have it back in the neighborhood again in 2024 and to be kicking up some of those free classes again.”

Fitness buffs work up a sweat at HIIT the Deck Boxing Gym. Photo by Gabriele Holtermann

HIIT the Deck Boxing Gym co-owners Stephen and Ronson Frank started collaborating with Seaport Fit in 2021. After teaching outdoor classes during the pandemic, they moved into the brick-and-mortar space next to the South Street Seaport Museum.

“We started doing classes outside in the Seaport, and it developed quickly,” Ronson Frank said. “At that time, a lot of people were going through some emotional stuff and being locked in. When we started, people gravitated towards the idea of this community-building thing that we had, and they followed us ever since.”

For Ronson, a professional boxer, it was a “natural transition” to train clients. HIIT the Deck offers classes for all skill levels and ages.

“I have a 75-year-old that comes and takes the class,” Ronson said.   

Jazmin Jourdain and Timothy Roberts were two of the ten participants undeterred by Saturday’s torrential downpour and made it to class. The fitness buffs got their blood pumping and sweat pouring with an intense boxing-inspired 60-minute circuit workout consisting of core, strength, and boxing exercises under the direction of Ronson and his trainer, Raheam Adres. 

Ronson Frank teaches his workout students proper boxing techniques. Photo by Gabriele Holtermann

Jazmin Jourdain’s fitness goals are weight loss,  improved cardio, and muscle building. It was Jourdain’s third time participating in the class, which she described as “a blast” and a well-rounded workout. 

“As you get older, it becomes a lot harder, especially as women beyond a certain age,” Jourdain said. “It’s wonderful to be in a place that’s safe; that builds your cardio [and] builds your strength all in a great, energized environment and a safe environment.” 

Roberts was looking for a way to become active again but thought gyms were “boring,” and the classes at HIIT were a good alternative. 

“It’s full training. It’s not just boxing, but conditioning for everything like your legs, your core,” Roberts said. “They like to punish us and give us a good workout.”

The free classes at HIIT the Deck run every Saturday through the end of May. Anyone interested in starting or trying out a new fitness routine can register through the Seaport’s website. Stay tuned for Seaport Fit’s full Summer programming, which will be announced soon.

Trainer Raheam Adres teaches workout students proper boxing techniques. Photo by Gabriele Holtermann.
Ronson Frank teaches Jazmin Jourdain proper boxing techniques. Photo by Gabriele Holtermann
Trainer Raheam Adres teaches workout students proper boxing techniques. Photo by Gabriele Holtermann.
Trainer Raheam Adres teaches workout students proper boxing techniques. Photo by Gabriele Holtermann.
HIIT the Deck co-owner Ronson Frank and trainer Raheam Adres put the fun in workout. Photo by Gabriele Holtermann