In Queens, lines shorter than during early voting

1 sunnyside
Voters line up outside of P.S. 150 in Sunnyside on Nov. 3, 2020.
Dean Moses

By Dean Moses

Some polling places across Queens Tuesday morning appeared to be in strong contrast to the lines seen throughout the 9 days of early voting.

At P.S. 150 in Sunnyside, there wasn’t much of a wait to cast a ballot. With a small line forming occasionally outside, voters assigned to the polling place made their way in and out with little time wasted.

One resident said she had attempted to vote during the early voting period but was deterred by the long lines and gloomy weather.

“I went to the early voting at LaGuardia [Community College], the line was horrendous, it was raining, so I stood there like an hour and I said, you know what, this is better for me,” said Carmen Giocuria, who was casting her vote in-person on Tuesday. “I live across the street, I changed my mind. I thought I would hit two birds with one stone when I went to the gym and then to go vote but the line was horrendous last Tuesday.”

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