A Blue Bay at Atlantic Highland’s, New Jersey

Atlantic Highland’s is a world away from Manhattan’s hustle and bustle—it’s The Hampton’s of (would you believe?) the Jersey Shore — minus the traffic, minus the celebrity wannabe scene, and minus the mega-watt prices and attitude. What Atlantic Highland’s features a quiet sophistication,  several restaurants rivaling any Manhattan bistro, a fair selection of boutique shops, galleries featuring local art, a theater company, five-star spas, coffee houses, and there’s even a winery not so far away.

If you are going you must take refuge at Blue Bay Inn. It’s one of the only boutique hotel on the Jersey shore and it’s only a short drive to the beaches of Sandy Hook. The hotel is styled with city-people in mind, featuring, above all, quiet and tranquility.

Even getting there is designed for disconnecting. A 45 minute ride aboard the fabulous ferry service called the Seastreak is all it takes. You’ll arrive in the simple fishing port of Atlantic Highlands a short distance from the hotel.

Blue Bay Inn’s staff will help you retreat into subtle luxury. Each of it’s 27 guest rooms are individually bathed in color and material designed to soothe. The beds are piled in a mountain of down pillows, appointed with finely upholstered comfort-chairs and informal design. The dimly lit tranquil hallways function as an art gallery yet designed to ensure guest privacy.

The hotel features the outstanding Zagat’s rated (excellent) Copper Canyon Restaurant featuring Southwestern cuisine and an outstanding selection of 130 top-shelf tequillas. The Blue Bay Inn Lounge offers live music in an intimate setting every Friday and Saturday night.

Blue Bay Inn offers a variety of packages and they are listed here. You will find a variety of outstanding packages offering excellent reasons to make a visit. Our favorite is the Twin Lights Package, offering a guide to some of the ares historic Lighthouses.

Unless you are a Jersey Shore fan you may have over looked Atlantic Highlands: we ventured upon it while out on a drive exploring the Sandy Hook area. Meander the streets above The Blue Bay Inn and you will understand why it is called Highland’s and why we love it. The town is situated on what our host called the highest elevation point on the entire Eastern Seaboard. It features some of the most magnificent Victorian homes we have seen in New Jersey, each taking advantage of the magnificent vista overlooking the bay at Sandy Hook.