Adopt Kino: ASPCA says mastiff is ready for home after NYPD opens case against former owner

Five months after a severely emaciated and dehydrated dog was surrendered to authorities, the pup is ready to find a new home.

The 4-year-old mastiff, Kino, now weighs more than 70 pounds and shuns rough play, according to ASPCA Animal Behavior Counselor Jennifer Gerrity.

“Kino is a true extrovert! He loves every person he meets and shows it by wiggling his whole body — nose to tail — when he’s happy,” Gerrity said in an email. “ He’s been through a lot physically, so he’s not so fond of stairs or long, strenuous walks but will gladly stick by your side on a relaxed stroll.

“Also, when he’s happy — which is most of the time — he will drool,” she added.