Alternate side parking: Those three words are enough to send a shudder down the spine of any New Yorker who dares to keep a car in the city.

You know the drill: You wake up three hours early and circle your neighborhood's streets like a vulture in search of a spot, only to end up parking somewhere that will land you a $45 ticket anyway. "Should have moved the car after work," you mutter to yourself. "Should have sold my car five years ago," you whisper to no one in particular.

But there's an occasional light at the end of the proverbial tunnel — a few days over the course of the year when the pesty alternate side parking regulations are suspended and you can park wherever you please. For non-city dwellers, holidays may be a time to gather with loved ones, but here in NYC, holidays carry a greater significance -- not having to find a new parking spot.

Then there's the occasional, horrible snowstorm that puts a damper on virtually all aspects of your life but one: parking.

Here's when you won't have to move your car:

Thursday, March 16: Snow operations

Friday, March 17: Snow operations

Saturday, March 18: Snow operations

Tuesday, April 11: Passover

Wednesday, April 12: Passover 

Thursday, April 13: Holy Thursday

Friday, April 14: Good Friday

Monday, April 17: Passover

Tuesday, April 18: Passover

Thursday, May 25: Solemnity of Ascension

Monday, May 29: Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 31: Shavuot

Thursday, June 1: Shavuot

Sunday, June 25: Eid al-Fitr

Monday, June 26: Eid al-Fitr

Tuesday, June 27: Eid al-Fitr

Tuesday, July 4: Independence Day

Tuesday, Aug. 15: Feast of the Assumption

Friday, Sept. 1: Eid al-Adha

Saturday, Sept. 2: Eid al-Adha

Sunday, Sept. 3: Eid al-Adha

Monday, Sept. 4: Labor Day

Thursday, Sept. 21: Rosh Hashanah

Friday, Sept. 22: Rosh Hashanah

Saturday, Sept. 30: Yom Kippur

Thursday, Oct. 5: Succoth

Friday, Oct. 6: Succoth

Monday, Oct. 9: Columbus Day

Thursday, Oct. 12: Shemini Atzeret

Friday, Oct. 13: Simchat Torah

Thursday, Oct. 19: Diwali

Wednesday, Nov. 1: All Saints' Day

Tuesday, Nov. 7: Election Day

Friday, Nov. 10: Veterans Day observed

Saturday, Nov. 11: Veterans Day

Thursday, Nov. 23: Thanksgiving Day

Friday, Dec. 8: Immaculate Conception

Monday, Dec. 25: Christmas Day