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Amazon set to open first physical store across from Empire State Building, WSJ reports

Amazon is rolling out a new subscription service

Amazon is rolling out a new subscription service that will allow users unlimited access to thousands of electronic books and audiobooks for $9.99 a month. Photo Credit: Getty Images

New Yorkers may soon be able to walk into an Amazon store to pick up the odds and ends they need, bucking the retailers original web-only concept, according to a Wall Street Journal report on Thursday.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers were intrigued by the concept, but skeptical of the need for a brick-and-mortar location.

The first-ever store, expected to open on 34th Street in time for the holiday shopping season, would act as a warehouse and offer same-day delivery, according to the Journal.

Amazon is also considering using space near the Empire State Building to showcase their own products, such as the Kindle, the Journal wrote.

The Journal said Amazon will use this first physical location as a test and could roll out the concept in other cities.

Amazon has "made no announcements about a location in Manhattan," said company spokeswoman Kelly Cheeseman in an email.

Melissa Neiman, 37, of Queens said she shops on Amazon often and mostly looks for Kindle accessories or toys for her young niece. But she wasn't sure the store would fare well in the Big Apple.

"I would check it out once, just to see if it was worth it," Neiman said. "But other than that, I would order online. My shopping experience has been good so far, so I don't think I want to change it. Also, there's so much shopping here why would you even need an Amazon store?"

Long Beach resident Mary Jane Lorico said she prefers to use her computer.

"I guess I would check it out, why not? I wouldn't go there often, though," Lorico, 39, said. "I prefer to shop online because it takes me an hour to travel to the city and same day shipping is almost like shopping in the store."

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