An unfolding awareness of psychic abilities


Image courtesy of the author
Image courtesy of the author

BY CATHY TOWLE  |  Linda Lauren’s “Medium Rare: The Memoir of a Fourth Generation Psychic Medium” is another fine addition to the growing list of Spirit Medium literature. Chronicling her life from childhood to the present, Lauren tells the story through the lens of an unfolding awareness of her psychic abilities. “Medium Rare” is entertaining story about how one deals with, and grows into, a gift that just doesn’t go away.

Although I appreciate the men in the field, I am very happy to see a woman who is intent on bringing mediumship into the mainstream. After all, the woman’s suffrage movement was closely associated with the Spiritualist movement in the late 1800s. Some of the finest mediums were female, and it was an early opportunity for women to speak publicly and have their own businesses, and thus, financial freedom.

Writing a book about a situation that’s hard to prove and not accepted in many circles is a daunting task. Lauren does an admiral job of portraying mediumship to an audience of both believers and skeptics, as well as those wanting to learn more about their own unfolding gift. I appreciated her humor and grit when facing down the paranormal. It isn’t easy to stand your ground when confronted with an apparition! All of us in the paranormal field have had those moments when we wish we were somewhere else, but our curiosity keeps us plugging on. Lauren takes us with her into those moments with a laugh and a reassuring tug.

By Linda Lauren
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Evidence in the world of mediumship is all in the eye of the beholder. What might seem sentimental and convoluted to some might be concrete and real to another, all based on context. When speaking about others’ evidential experiences, the book is totally on track and believable. When it comes to her own experiences, although funny and acerbic, it lacked the oomph and deep thought that I was expecting from the author. I wanted to see more of the struggle to believe in one’s ability, and the cognitive dissonance that one has to reconcile with in that situation. I think a lot of beginning intuitives need that insight, and for me it was sorely missing.

Linda Lauren brings mediumship into the mainstream

Don’t get me wrong, I did like this book — but it did touch on one of my pet peeves: self-advertisement. Granted, it is very hard to have the detachment of storytelling without an editor (Lauren’s book is self published). But a chapter about an app for your services…really? A couple of chapters came off sounding more like a business brochure than storyline, which took it out of the memoir genre for a moment. While it is interesting to know how the business evolved, I wanted to hear more about the issues that come up in our work — like handling overload and burnout, keeping boundaries with clients, and how to handle the negative aspects of the work — things that starting mediums really need to know.

Lauren’s quick wit and humor tucks you right into a story that you want to keep reading. No matter where she goes, the spirits come with her, and are there to meet her with great stories. I was especially delighted to read that she had a book signing at the East Village’s Merchant’s House Museum — a wonderfully spirit-filled place that I have had the honor of investigating with the Sturges Paranormal team.

All in all, “Medium Rare” is an engaging tale, which will add to your understanding of the field of mediumship.

Cathy Towle is a Psychic Medium, Shaman, and Life Coach living in Brooklyn. She is one of the few Mediums Certified by the Forever Family Foundation, and works with scientists to further the understanding of the afterlife. She teaches and works privately with clients as well as paranormal investigation with Sturges Paranormal (sturgesparanormal.com). Also an interfaith minister, she is on the executive council of the NGO Committee for Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns – NY with the UN. For more info, visit cathytowle.com.

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