New York’s Angry Orchard gifts apple tree saplings in annual Arbor Day tradition

Organic Apples on Tree
Photo via Getty Images

Angry Orchard is excited to bring back its annual Arbor Day tradition!

On April 30, 150 apple tree saplings (Honeycrisp and Stripe Fuji) will be gifted to Angry Orchard’s visitors who spend $25 or more in merchandise and cider at the Orchard’s Cider House. Additional apple trees will also be available for purchase from Angry Orchard’s online store for $20.

Along with producing its delicious and famous cider, Angry Orchard is dedicated to supporting agricultural education, industry awareness and sustainable apple growing techniques. Ever since Angry Orchard settled down in Walden, N.Y. in 2015, the Orchard has worked with Glynwood Group, a nonprofit organization committed to agricultural education and advancing apple growing techniques. 

Through Angry Orchard’s partnership with Glynwood, the Orchard has been able to convert its apple trees from culinary apples to cider apples. Angry Orchard has also collaborated with Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to study apple diversity, growing techniques and harvesting methods. This partnership has already increased the efficiency and sustainability of producing cider apples across the U.S.

Angry Orchard’s annual Arbor Day tree giveaway celebrates the Orchard’s long history and legacy in the Hudson Valley that dates back to the mid-1700s. 

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