April/May gallery listings


Worthy springtime destinations


Envoy enterprises: “Desi Santiago: Declare Void.” Santiago has turned the gallery into an elaborate installation, which includes large figurative sculptures made of black vinyl. Through Apr. 18 (131 Chrystie St., below Delancey St.). Call 212-226-4555 or visit www.envoyenterprises.com.         

Feature Inc.: “Jesse Bransford: The Jungle (for Norma), works on paper. “Bransford sources archaic and peripheral cultures for their icons and signs. Apr. 8  – May 9 (131 Allen St., btw. Delancey St. and Rivington St.). Call 212-675-7772. Visit www.featureinc.com or https://jesse-bransford.blogspot.com.          

Heist Gallery: “Cake Mixx.” The New York based photographer Dustin Wayne Harris depicts all facets of this sweet treat has to offer. Through Apr. 18 (27 Essex St. and Hester St.). Call 212-253-0451 or visit www.heistgallery.com.         

Jane Kim/thrust projects: “Who are you close to.” This group exhibition was inspired by Louise Lawler’s work of the same title, a set of four postcards with “Who are you close to” printed in Arabic, Hebrew, and English. Participating artists Jack Pierson, Bill Owens, Vik Muniz, Alighiero e Boetti, Sanford Biggers, and Yasser Aggour. Through Apr. 18 (114 Bowery, below Grand St., #301, 3rd fl.). Call 347-278-1500 or visit www.thrustprojects.com.

Kumukumu Gallery: “Landscape and Solitude.” Curated by Mako Wakasa, this exhibition tells of the escapes we find in nature. Apr. 2 – May 2 (42 Rivington St., btw. Eldridge and Forsyth St.). Call 212-677-5160 or visit www.kumukumugallery.com.            

LMAK projects LES: “Lieven De Boeck: Autoportrait contre nature.” In a conjoined effort LMAKprojects and Stephan Stoyanov Gallery present this Belgian artist, who explores how space is identified by individuals and the public. Apr. 3 – May 9 (139 Eldridge St., below Delancey St./Stephan Stoyanov Gallery: 29 Orchard St., below Hester St.). Call 212-255-9707. Visit www.lmakprojects.com or www.studiolievendb.com. 

Miguel Abreu Gallery: “Eileen Quinlan: Nature Morte.” Quinlan’s photographs depict arrangements of inanimate, commonplace objects with a sense of timeless elegance. Through Apr. 29 (36 Orchard St., below Hester St.). Call 212-995-1774 or visit www.miguelabreugallery.com.         

New York Studio School: “Dorothea Rockburne: Astronomy Drawings.” The exhibition surveys two decades of works on paper by Rockburne, whose interest in interest in mathematics dates from her period of study at Black Mountain College from 1950. Through May 1 (8 W. 8th St.). Call 212-673-6466. Visit www.nyss.org/exhibitions or www.dorothearockburne.com.  

Sloan Fine Art: “Diane Barcelowsky: So the Story Goes.” This installation includes mixed media elements and abstract and representational works on both paper and panel. Through Apr. 17 (128 Rivington St., below Stanton St.). Call 212-477-1140. Visit www.sloanfineart.com or www.thediane.com.        

Thierry Goldberg Projects: “Unspecific Objects.” This group show features works by Martin Basher, Jona Bechtolt, Daniel Ellis, Rashawn Griffin, David Scanavino, and Takayuki Kubota. Through Apr. 18 (5 Rivington St., btw. Bowery and Chrystie St.) Call 212-967-2260 or visit www.thierrygoldberg.com.          



Hous Projects: “Eric Ogden: A half-remembered season.” This photographer chases mythical visions of his childhood by recreating situations infused with the unruly emotions he associated with everyday objects. Through May 8 (31 Howard St., 2nd Fl., btw. Broadway and Crosby St.). Call 212-941-5801. Visit www.housprojects.com or www.ericogden.com. 

Maccarone Inc.: “Oscar Tuazon: My Flesh to Your Bare Bones. A duet with Vito Acconci.” Tuazon’s elaborate sculptural installation was inspired by Vito Acconci’s “Antarctica of the Mind,” an unrealized architectural proposal for the Halley II Research Station. An audio recording of Acconci reading the text plays throughout the exhibition. Through Apr. 24 (630 Greenwich St. and Morton St.) Call 212-431-4977 or visit www.maccarone.net.  

Peter Freeman, Inc: “Franz Erhard Walther.” The exhibition presents four elements from Walther’s “1. Werksatz” (“First Set of Works”), a series of fifty-eight canvas objects intended for use. Through May 1 (560 Broadway, below Prince St., #602). Call 212-966-5154 or visit www.peterfreemaninc.com.  

Team: “Gardar Eide Einarsson: Another Modern Moment Completed.” The new paintings by this Norwegian artist reveal his fascination with criminality and appropriation. Apr. 22 – May 22 (83 Grand St., btw. Wooster and Greene St.). Call 212-279-9219 or visit www.teamgal.com.  



James Fuentes LLC: “Lizzi Bougatsos.” This solo exhibition features the acclaimed New York based artist and singer of the avant-garde rock band Gang Gang Dance. Apr 7 – May 2 (35 St. James Place, below Park Row). Call 212-577-1201 or visit www.jamesfuentes.com.   

KS Art / Kerry Schuss: “Freddie Brice.” This is the first solo exhibition in ten years of this recognized and New York based outsider artist who died in 1998. Through May 1 (73 Leonard St., btw. Broadway and Church St.). Call 212-219-9918 or visit www.kerryschuss.com.         

Sasha Wolf Gallery: “Adam Schreiber: Anarchonic – Color and Black and White Photographs.” This is Schreiber’s first solo exhibition, in which depicts an array of objects. (10 Leonard St., btw. Hudson and W. Broadway). Call 212-925-0025. Visit www.sashawolf.com or adamschreiber.net.   


BravinLee programs: “The Hendersons Will All Be There.” This exhibition features collage-based works by Dianna Frid, Jason Gringler, Matthew Rich, Steve Roden, Letha Wilson, Halley Zien. Through Apr. 17 (526 W. 26th St., Suite 211). Call 212-462-4404 or visit www.bravinlee.com.  

Foley Gallery: “Townie.” This collaborative exhibit features several artists, who all emerged from the same creative communities in Northern Westchester, New York. Through Apr. 24 (547 W. 27th St., 5th Fl.). Call 212-244-9081 or visit www.foleygallery.com.  

Fredericks and Freiser: “Douglas Kolk: Rustik.” Known for his channel-surfing aesthetic, Kolk combines familiar imagery and furious gesture to create large-scale collage and deviant sculpture. Through May 1 (536 W. 24th St.). Call 212-633-6555 or visit www.fredericksfreisergallery.com.  

Jack Shainman: “Ross Rudel: Burgeon.” Rudel’s new sculptures draw upon his dreams, odd personal experiences and his ongoing spiritual relationship with nature. Through Apr. 17 (513 W. 20th St.) Call 212-645-1701 or visit www.jackshainman.com.   

Lana Santorelli Galleri: “Reawakening.” This light-hearted group show embraces the beginning of spring after a long New York winter. Through May 1 (110 W. 26th St., btw. 6th & 7th Ave.). Call 212-229-2111 or visit www.lanasantorelligallery.com.   

Lelong Galerie: “Ursula von Rydingsvard: ERRTUS.” One of this sculptor’s recurrent themes is the juxtaposition of organic and structural forms, transforming massive undertakings of carving and building into expressive elaborations on movement and gesture. Through May 1 (528 W. 26th St.). Call 212-315-0470. Visit www.galerielelong.com or www.ursulavonrydingsvard.net.  

Lori Bookstein Fine Art: “Bruce Gagnier: Incarnate.” The exhibition is comprised of a group of life-size figures, the largest Gagnier has made to date, and selected mid-size sculptures, small heads and mounted cruciform figures. Through May 1 (138 Tenth Ave., below 19th St.). Call 212-750-0949 or visit www.loribooksteinfineart.com. 

Lyons Wier Gallery: “Anthony Lister: How to Catch a Time Traveler.” Lister is known for his intriguing, playful hybrid of street art, expressionism, and cubism that comes with a touch of tongue-in-cheek frivolity. Through Apr. 19  (175 7th Ave., at W. 20th St.). Call 212-242-6220. Visit www.lyonswiergallery.com or www.listerart.com.au.   

Max Protetch Gallery: “Keita Sugiura.” The Okayama-based Sugiura makes photographs of natural landscapes in which Romantic and Minimalist impulses are given equal billing. Apr. 1 – May 1 (511 W. 22nd St.) Call 212-633-6999 or visit www.maxprotetch.com.   

Metro Pictures: “André Butzer: Nicht fürchten! Don´t be scared!” This group of new, closely related works emphasize shapes and fields of color. Through May 1 (519 W. 24th St.). Call 212-206-7100 or visit www.metropicturesgallery.com  

Mitchell Innes & Nash: “Amanda Ross-Ho: Somebody Stop Me.” Including sculpture, photography, and installation, Ross-Ho’s first New York solo exhibition brings together seemingly oppositional languages and spaces, personal imagery and autobiographical artifacts. (534 W. 26th St.). Call 212-744-7400. Visit www.miandn.com or www.amandarossho.com.  

Mixed Greens: “Joseph Smolinski: Beginning of the End.” Smolinski’s drawings, sculptures, and video relate to the environment and the power struggles between nature and technology. Through Apr. 17 (531 W. 26th St.). Call 212-331-8888. Visit www.mixedgreens.com or www.josephsmolinski.com.