Bedbugs found at the United Nations, the United Nations says

When it comes to bedbugs, no one is immune. Not even the United Nations.

Bedbugs were found at the United Nations building in Tudor City, U.N. spokesperson Farhan Haq confirmed on Thursday.

The bedbugs were found in two cubicles manned by one person on the 34th floor of the U.N. headquarters on Tuesday, Farhan said. The staffers who worked nearby were evacuated and exterminators treated the area on Tuesday night. A bedbug-sniffing dog then cleared the area.

The affected staffers (Haq said it was less than 10 people) returned to their desks on Wednesday except for the person who worked at those two cubicles. That person was allowed to return on Thursday.

The U.N. will undergo a re-inspection in a couple of weeks as standard procedure, Haq said.

This is not the first the time the U.N. has had the unwelcome parasites: In 2010, during NYC’s Great Bedbug Epidemic (not an official name), a bedbug-sniffing dog confirmed the presence of bedbugs in the Dag Hammarskjold Library.