Board 2 supports renaming local playground after Anthony Dapolito

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Volume 73, Number 15 | Aug. 6 – Aug. 12, 2003

Board 2 supports renaming local

playground after Anthony Dapolito

Community Board 2 has sent a letter co-signed by Jim Smith, the board’s chairperson; Aubrey Lees, the board’s parks committee chairperson; and Arthur Strickler, the board’s district manager, asking Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe to consider renaming after Anthony Dapolito, the board’s longtime parks committee chairperson and 12-time board chairperson, one of the sites he either helped to bring into being and/or supported through the years. Dapolito, 82, died on July 2. C.B. 2’s letter read in part:

“In January 2000, as you may recall, the Parks Department honored Tony for his years of work promoting green space and play space here by rededicating Thompson Street Playground as Vesuvio Playground. As Parks policy did not permit naming a space after a living person, the playground was renamed to suggest Tony’s popular local bakery instead, albeit the plaque on the fence more than hinted at whom the rededication honored.

“With Tony’s passing in June, we again address the board’s desire to have Tony honored by rededicating a site for which he strove, this time using Tony’s name. Whether on a park or playground or, as some have suggested, the Carmine Recreation Center, we believe Tony earned the institutionalization of the name, Anthony J. Dapolito. Such honor would be an affirmation to his family and friends and his neighborhood of Tony’s life and good works.”

Councilmember Christine Quinn had previously recommended renaming the Carmine St. Recreation Center on Seventh Ave. S. after Dapolito.