‘Broadway High Note’ a really big show for a worthy cause

By Lori Haught

If you feel like seeing a cabaret-style show with a classical flare, “Broadway High Note” is the show.

The Greenwich House School of Music is holding its annual benefit concert to raise money to match the challenge grants given to the school for their outreach programs in the community, according to G.H.M.S. Director B.C. Vermeersch.

“We’ve been in the Village for over 100 years providing music education,” he said of the school.

Producer Jim Caruso is back on board for another year after helping with last year’s “Avenue Q Swings” — in which “Avenue Q” composer and G.H.S.M. alumnus Bobby Lopez helped create jazz arrangements for his famous musical.

According to Caruso, most of the talent came to them as a “fluke,” including Stephen Schwartz, composer of “Wicked,” who is currently working on an opera and will actually be debuting material at the Nov. 13 show.

Caruso said there are numerous reasons to come out and see the show, which will be held at 7:30 p.m. at the Minetta Lane Theater, 18 Minetta Lane, not the least of which is that it supports a wonderful school, but also because the show will be amazing.

“It’s not going to be a snooze, I promise you,” he said. “These are theater performers, and even the very classical pieces will be introduced with great flair and humor.”

Caruso said that the performers — from Broadway shows or performing pieces by Broadway composers — have had these pieces under their belts for a while and this is an opportunity to showcase their classical talents.

“They go legit for one night!” he said comically.

He was also quick to point out that not only were the performers a pleasure to work with but the entire crew was “brilliant” as well.

“The music director, Cathy Venable, is working her fingers to the bone, and our director, Michael Schiralli…well, they all deserve a medal,” Caruso said.

If you can’t come out on Monday, you can still donate to the G.H.M.S. campaign; visit www.gharts.org for more information.