Brooklyn mom was fatally slashed and stabbed 55 TIMES allegedly by enraged son after pet dog bit him: cops

Scene where Brooklyn mom was slashed and stabbed to death
File photo.
Photo by Lloyd Mitchell

A Brooklyn mother murdered last week was attacked in a violent fit of rage allegedly by her son, who slashed and stabbed her more than four dozen times, police revealed Tuesday.

Law enforcement sources accused Andre Eugene, 36, of murdering his mom, Donna Hyman, 58, on Jan. 19 after allegedly losing control when their pet dog bit him. Police also say Eugene stabbed the dog and threw the canine out the window, causing the pet’s death.

According to police sources, cops were notified that Hyman was in distress at 7:02 p.m. on Jan. 19 when she apparently called her sister and said nothing but screamed.

Officers from the 75th Precinct rushed to 1500 Hornell Loop in Starrett City to find Eugene standing outside the apartment building naked and covered in blood.

“He basically states I don’t need any help. My mother is dead, she committed suicide,” Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said Eugene told a neighbor when confronted.

Police rushed into the apartment to find Hyman dead after suffering some 55 wounds from a knife — 28 stab wounds and 27 slash wounds. 

“Of the 27 slash wounds, 26 of them were to the victim’s head. The dog was stabbed 9 times and thrown off the balcony,” Chief Kenny reported.

Police say Eugene has yet to be charged since he is currently hospitalized in intensive care. The suspect allegedly told police the dog bit him in the leg, leading him to stab the canine; he further claimed that Hyman then stabbed him in retaliation.

But Chief Kenny says investigators are skeptical of this story because the stab wounds Eugene suffered are consistent with self-inflicted gashes.

“He has several shallow stab wounds. We call them hesitation wounds to his chest,” Chief Kenny said.