C.B. 3 expresses ‘extreme outrage’ at N.Y.U. lack of community dialogue

Last week, the full board of Community Board 3 passed a resolution by its Housing and Zoning Committee expressing its “extreme outrage” at N.Y.U. for “failing to engage in meaningful and constructive dialogue” with neighbors regarding their suggested design modifications for its E. 12th St. dorm, and for, in fact, failing to adopt any of the neighbors’ suggestions.

The resolution said N.Y.U. must improve its efforts to be a good neighbor and partner with the community and that it should accept the neighbors’ suggestions for the dorm project. The resolution, clearly referring to Andrew Berman, director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, also slammed N.Y.U. for its “personal attack on the character and integrity of a leader of a local neighborhood preservation group as completely untrue and unwarranted” and said the university must cease.

The resolution also asked N.Y.U. to provide a written statement regarding its position on C.B. 3’s 197-a rezoning plan for the East Village and Lower East Side — including its potential application to the area between Third and Fourth Aves., which contains the dorm site and is currently outside the rezoning area.