De Blasio is making NYC’s white voters uncomfortable, report says

His approval among white voters is 32%, according to a new poll.

You would think having a tall white dude leading City Hall would bring comfort to white voters — but you would be wrong. 

A Wall Street Journal-NBC 4-Marist Poll conducted in May found that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s approval ratings among white voters is a low 32%, while 49% of Hispanics and 59% of blacks approved of his job. 

Of course, de Blasio in his campaign and in office has branded himself a champion of the city’s diversity while focusing on policy issues that largely affect low-income communities of color, so it may be no surprise that white voters are feeling, well, left out. 

“He’s down on me,” said Gene Reilly, a 71-year-old Democrat from Manhattan told the Journal in Thursday editions. “He’s looking out for the poor.” 

Another Democrat, Rochelle Weinberg of middle-class Forest Hills, Queens, said de Blasio was “almost a social-communist.” 

“He’s out of town all the time,” Weinberg continued. “He’s direspectful and shows up late. I can’t stand him. Everything he does makes me angry.” 

Another white voter, Stanley Bleeker, 62, of Mill Basin, Brooklyn, said he believed de blasio was “genuflecting to the black community, to Mr. [Al[ Shaprton and the race baiters, to bring them into some kind of inner circle.” 

Given all these very angry white voters, it’s no surprise that the de Blasio administration is keeping an eye on this all-important demographic. 

“You always want to make sure you’re talking to and connecing with the residents and citizens of the city,” said mayoral spokesman Phil Walzak.