E-bike rider dies after hitting senior in Central Park

BY ALEJANDRA O’CONNELL-DOMENECH | An e-bike rider has died from injuries he suffered after colliding with a pedestrian in Central Park earlier this week.

On Aug. 24, the 43-year-old cyclist, Charles Cheeseboro, crashed into a 77-year-old man at the intersection of Central Park’s East Drive and 74th St. around 3:30 p.m.

According to police, Cheeseboro was heading north on the East Drive and collided with the senior as he was walking further into the park in the 74th St. crosswalk.

A man riding an e-bike. (File photo by Tequila Minsky)

According to police, when officers arrived at the scene, they found the cyclist on the ground with a head injury. Both the biker and the pedestrian were transported by ambulance to New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. The pedestrian only sustained minor injuries.

Cheeseboro, however, died five days later on the morning of Aug. 29.

The same day Cheeseboro collided with a pedestrian, police responded to a second bike collision nearby.

A biker traveling west on Olmsted Way, which runs through Central Park, swerved into the path of a second cyclist. The second cyclist, a 72-year-old woman, struck the back wheel of the first cyclist’s bike and fell to the ground. She was taken to St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center and was in reported in stable condition.

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