The people have spoken, and New York voters will have the chance to show off their suffrage pride on Election Day.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday announced the winner of the state’s online contest to determine the “I Voted” sticker design that celebrates the state’s centennial anniversary of women’s suffrage. The image will display a historical photo of “General” Rosalie Jones with the words “I Voted” coming out of her megaphone.

In December 1912, Jones hiked all the way from New York City to Albany to deliver petitions to Governor-elect William Sulzer, demanding that women be given the right to vote.

Over 18,000 votes were cast online. The winning design received 9,321 votes; a second selection featuring a historical photo of two suffragists received 5,808 votes; and a third option with no photo received 3,589 votes.

The stickers will be distributed to election sites across the state. For some areas that already have an “I Voted” sticker for their town, such as New York City, poll site administrators will have the choice of giving out the suffrage sticker or the localized one.