Dozens gathered in front of police headquarters Monday in the wake of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, to demand better treatment from New York City police officers.

For more than an hour, about 80 protesters gathered, chanting "Hands up. Don't shoot," a saying ubiquitous with the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson more than a week ago.

"I want to give a warning to Mayor Bill de Blasio, a warning to Commissioner Bratton: Ferguson today. New York tomorrow," said former city councilman Charles Barron. "We will not be the ones to blame when there is an explosion. Because the people are fed up."

The group then began a march to City Hall, holding posters of Brown and Eric Garner, who died while in police custody in Staten Island after an officer put him in an alleged chokehold.

Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams, said he was "very sad" to have to protest. "I'm very scared that we are one incident away from Ferguson," he said to the crowd. "Black and brown people have been policed differently for decades. If you ask for calm, ask for justice."

NYPD did not respond to a request for comment.