Happy Thanksgiving

With all the seemingly intractable problems and issues to address in the world, we at Community Media wanted to step back for one week and take stock in our lives during this holiday season. To that end, we asked our staff of editors, reporters, advertising reps and designers what they are grateful for this Thanksgiving. Here is what they said:

• I’m thankful that a woman and a black man are at the top of the race for U.S. president, that glass ceilings seem to be cracking everywhere, that being in the closet is now considered to be ridiculous in most places in the civilized world, and that we’re succeeding in publishing great newspapers despite the economy and changes in our industry, for my boyfriend, our doggies, our new apartment, family and life.

• I am extremely thankful that my sister is still cancer-free and my mom is in good health.

• I am thankful for so many things, but my grandchildren lead the list. Happy Thanksgiving.

• I’m thankful for poetry, opportunities to give, my father, wine, Roquefort cheese, Sam Cooke, mittens, documentaries, the Heartless Bastards, my breasts, volunteer work, acupuncture, dates that end with kisses and snow, good credit, Harvey Shapiro, Sunday mornings, fog, smooth takeoffs, birth control, new used books, possibility with strangers on the sidewalk, taxidermy, my roommate’s Chihuahua, bendy straws, liquid soap, I never have to be 13 years old again, listening to Julius [Community Media ad rep] on the phone say, “This is an award-winning publication.”

• I am grateful that after a long, suspenseful apartment hunt, I finally found a place to live, which is larger than a shoe box, has a window and is moderately affordable. That is truly a New York City Thanksgiving miracle!

• I’m thankful for health and the affection—I hope—of family and friends. Glad too that I still can enjoy work and for working with colleagues who are so good at what they do.

• I’m thankful for my daughter, for my loving wife, our great careers and our continued health — and for the Red Sox winning the World Series.

• I recently suffered an illness requiring an excruciating 12-hour emergency room visit. My husband held my hand throughout, distracted me with jokes and a book of short stories, and hunted down absent doctors. So when I think of what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving, he is the first thing that comes to mind. I feel so lucky that this amazing, loving man is my partner for life. I am also thankful that I have my health, very loving parents, close, caring girlfriends, and a job that allows me to be creative. And lastly, I’m thankful I have a few days off to catch up on museum visits and movies!

• I’m most thankful to have found someone to share my life with and hopefully raise a family with.

• I’m thankful for everyone who believed in my writing, and for the many Chelsea/Clinton folks whose stories keep me spinning.

• I’m thankful for the current and continuing health of my two children, my wife and myself. As long as you have health, which is the only part of life that is utterly out of a person’s control, everything else is gravy and roast turkey.