Herald Square subway cellist attacker cuffed again, this time for shoplifting

Alleged Herald Square cellist attacker Amira Hunter
Amira Hunter, accused of beating a subway cello player over the head with a bottle earlier this month, was busted and then quickly set free on supervised release Thursday.
Photo by Dean Moses

The woman accused of attacking a Herald Square subway musician last month made an encore appearance in court Wednesday after being busted for shoplifting at a luxury store in Midtown, authorities said.

Amira Hunter, 23, of Brooklyn allegedly pilfered a $235 Moncler baseball cap from the Nordstrom on West 57th Street in Midtown on West 57th Street at about 3:40 p.m. on March 5.

Less than a week earlier, Hunter had been charged for a Feb. 13 attack at the Herald Square station in which she bashed a glass bottle over the head of subway cellist Iain Forrest during a performance.

Forrest, a medical student, was shown in video of the attack clutching his neck in pain after his attacker fled the scene. Following the unprovoked assault, Forest posted a statement on social media regarding his trepidation to perform again.

“We must monitor crimes against subway musicians and mobilize MTA and NYPD resources to stop them from happening,” part of the Instagram post read.

Cops caught up with Hunter following an investigation, and was released under supervision at her Feb. 29 arraignment. During the hearing, she stated in her previous court appearance that she herself didn’t know that she attacked the cellist despite yelling in the courtroom that they were not strangers to one another.

She also incorrectly identified Forrest’s rendition of Sia’s Titanium as “Beethoven.”

But the supervised release allegedly did not keep Hunter out of trouble. She was busted on March 5 after a 911 caller at the Nordstrom reported that Hunter allegedly grabbed the Moncler cap and stuffed it into a handbag in her possession.

Hunter was subsequently arrested on charges of petit larceny — her eighth arrest lifetime, according to police. On March 6, she appeared before Judge Marva Claudette Brown — the same jurist who presided over the Feb. 29 arraignment — and order Hunter held on $500 bail or $5,000 bond.

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