Hero auxiliaries remembered

On Sunday afternoon March 14, Auxiliary Police Officers Nicholas Pekearo and Eugene Marshalik were remembered at an intimate memorial held on the third anniversary of their deaths. At the intersection of Sullivan and Bleecker Sts. — which was co-named in honor of the two young Sixth Precinct auxiliaries a year ago — the families of Pekearo and Marshalik, Sixth Precinct auxiliaries, representatives from the Sixth Precinct and community members came together in the rain to recall the tragic night when the officers’ lives were taken by a mad gunman on Sullivan St.

As was noted at the memorial, it’s believed that Marshalik and Pekearo saved the lives of countless people on the streets that warm March night. 

Following the memorial, the families of the two men, fellow auxiliaries and attendees gathered at a reception at Le Poisson Rouge, on Bleecker St., which was hosted by Le Poisson Rouge and the Bleecker Area Merchants’ and Residents’ Association.

David Handler, a co-owner of Le Poisson Rouge, was recently elected as BAMRA’s new resident chairperson.