Hillary Clinton campaign launches ‘Trump yourself’ filters for Facebook

Ever wonder what Donald Trump would say about you?

The Hillary Clinton campaign is giving you the chance to find out. In the latest attack on the GOP presidential nominee, the campaign created “Trump yourself” filters for Facebook profile pictures that highlight some of the Donald’s offensive quotes.

One filter, designed for Muslims, says “Donald Trump wants to ban me.” Another, made for undocumented immigrants, says “They have to go.”

For women, there’s a filter that says “Fat pig,” and another that says “Women are ‘always griping and bitching,'” which is a partial quote pulled from Trump’s book “The Art of the Comeback.”

Other quotes include Trump calling someone a “total lightweight,” and “dopey.”

There are a total of 15 filters that users can click through and choose which one applies to them.

Clinton tweeted the “Trump yourself” link multiple times on Thursday, but so far, Trump has not responded.

The filters were released the same day Trump is scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, officially accepting the Republican nomination for president.